Watch: 'Teen Wolf' Heartthrob Dylan O'Brien Featured in 'Fantasmas' Trailer - in a Red Negligee

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The trailer for "Fantasmas," the new six-part comedy from "Problemista" writer-director Julio Torres, dropped yesterday, and among the host of guest stars glimpsed in its montage was "Teen Wolf" hunk Dylan O'Brien, seen striding confidently into a room wearing nothing but some sexy lingerie.

The comedy, which premieres June 7 on HBO, pairs O'Brien with Martine Gutierrez (credited simply as Martine), who plays Vanesja, the agent for Torres' character, Julio.

"What's going on in that little head of yours?" Martine asks the barely-clad "Maze Runner" actor immediately after his brief, head-turning entrance.

O'Brien is one of a score of guest stars who appear in the show, with Kim Petras, Tomas Matos, Paul Dano, Steve Buscemi, and even Emma Stone all taking roles as various characters. Torres plays a part in the story of Julio losing a precious piece of jewelry and then searching for it across a dreamscape version of New York City as if his life depended on it... which, in this uproarious tale of existential angst, it just might.

Gay Twitter went into palpitations at the sight of O'Brien's sizzling look.

"i need to top him badly now 😍" one fan raved.

"He can still top me," another declared.

Gasped a third: "I need to be alone in a room with him in which there are no others."

"Where'd my clothes go??????" wondered a fourth smitten fan.

Have a look at what some others thought:

And have a look at the show's trailer for more:

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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