Review: Re-visit Madly Stylish 'Cruella' on 4K Ultra

by JC Alvarez

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday September 22, 2021

Review: Re-visit Madly Stylish 'Cruella' on 4K Ultra

Every superhero has a perfectly-crafted origin story. It's captured the instant our hero determines which way they will turn, and the path that they will take on their heroic journey. But what's a hero without the most devilishly developed super villain to thwart their plans? Disney has cornered the market on giving heroic characters villains that are often as interesting (if not more so) than the good guys.

Let's Imagine where "The Little Mermaid" would be without the sea-with Ursula. Ariel would have never found her voice. If it wasn't for the fairy sorceress Malificent, "The Sleeping Beauty" would have put audiences to sleep forever, and when Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie stepped into the coveted horned cowl for the live-action interpretation of that villainess' origin story, fans were given an entirely different side of the events that gave to a worthwhile franchise. In that bold tradition now comes Disney's "Cruella," starring Emma Stone, which is based on the deliciously diabolic villainess from the animated classic "101 Dalmatians."

Available now on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and Digital download Combo Packs, the film is a rollicking reinterpretation directed by Craig Gillespie and co-starring Emma Thompson. The film gives Cruella a contemporary and punk-glam backstory that re-introduces her as a raving mad 1970s fashion icon. Stone elegantly fits into the dual nature of the headlining big bad, who is determined to turn the London fashion scene on its ear while proving the fly in her competition's ointment. It's a mad cap caper to out-do and one-up one another, while uncovering a dread secret that has set Cruella on her path to damnation!

Emma Stone is campy and creative, and her star turn solidifies her place as a leading player in Hollywood, especially when she is paired against the formidable skills of Emma Thompson and Mark Strong. "Cruella" careens quickly and is quite flashy, much like the character's driving, and although it is based on a cartoon the film's PG-13 guarantees that it's got an edge that makes it much more suitable for a teen audience. Younger viewers might be taken a back by the movie's mix of murder and the macabre, but Disney's "Cruella" makes for high-fashion fun worthy of a full spread in Vogue.

The disc and Digital download is packed with bonus content that reveals the tender loving care that the filmmakers devoted to bringing "Cruella" to the big screen in this new interpretation. Examine all of the film's incredible haute couture with the movie's clothing designer, and set decorators examine the "world" the movie's characters inhabit, along with a closer look at how the film pays homage to the animated film classic with its many Easter Eggs and surprise elements. Audiences will also get a thrill out of the hilarious blooper and deleted scenes.

Extra features also include:

  • Bloopers.

  • Deleted Scenes.

  • The Two Emmas: Interviews with the film's two leading ladies.

  • The Sidekick Angle. Interviews with the cast and its band of supporting players.

  • Cruella Couture. Take a long look at the movie's most fashionable moments.

  • The World of Cruella. Location is everything! Check out the intense sets.

  • New Dogs... Old Tricks! Meet the film's four-legged cast members.

  • Cruella 101. Everything you need to know and every side of the Disney villainous examined.

    Disney's "Cruella" is available now on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and Digital for $34.99

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