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CBD for Cats? You've Got To Be Kitten Me!

Tuesday June 29, 2021

CBD for Cats? You've Got To Be Kitten Me!
  (Source:Paw CBD)

Cami Cacciatore, Paw CBD

Fun Fact: Cats outnumber dogs in U.S. pet-owning homes by nearly 4.5 million. So, despite all those dogs vs. cats jokes, this makes a pretty strong argument that our fabulous felines are actually America's favorite furry family members.

Even with these numbers, you'll find far more CBD products available for dogs than cats. This may be why so few of us who are owned by cats (er, cat owners) think about providing the powerful properties of CBD to the feline friends in our lives, too.

Cat Concerns

While cats may seem like Zen masters most of the time, they can still struggle with stress. Because they are such creatures of habit, even the slightest change in routine, diet, environment, or schedule can cause anxious, fearful, or aggressive behavior or improper scratching and elimination. In fact, litter box issues and marking are typically the main reasons cats are surrendered to shelters each year.

And almost everyone with a cat dreads anything that requires getting Mittens or Milo into a carrier, from veterinary visits to traveling. Even simple grooming tasks like trimming claws can cause stress for both you and your cat. So what can you do to help your feline find their Zen again?

CBD Benefits for Cats

(Source: Paw CBD)

Anything that can contribute to a daily wellness routine would be a welcome option to help keep our feline friends balanced. Kitty parents use CBD for cats because they have seen firsthand how it can positively affect their cat's lives.

Despite their reputation, the furballs we share our lives with can have their less than "cool cat" moments. Does she hide under the bed when you have visitors or constantly meow when you're not with her? Does she get hissy around other pets or when her routine is disrupted? Or sometimes spend more time under the couch than on your lap? These are often signs of stress, indicating she is nervous or uncomfortable.

The good news is that CBD products for cats can help ease everyday distress and help Fluffy feel more relaxed, especially during stressful situations like vet visits, car rides, or nail trims.

As cats get older, they can sometimes show signs of stiffness in everyday movement, limiting their usual activity, including the playtime or sleep schedule they need to stay healthy and happy. Even overly rambunctious younger kitties can experience the occasional physical discomfort.

Many cat owners have noticed that with a good diet, proper exercise, and CBD for cats, Tiger is a little more like himself and happy to chase that laser pointer or catnip mouse again!

The term "finicky feline" is well known for a reason. Cats can love their kibble one day and turn up their noses the next. While this can be frustrating, there's no need to worry unless you notice your cat not eating or eating way too much. While the occasional issue isn't usually something to worry about, be sure to talk to your veterinarian if your cat's appetite changes suddenly.

But if your feline is just finicky or can overindulge sometimes, consider adding CBD to their daily routine to provide a wealth of positive wellness benefits and to help maintain a healthy appetite.

Paw CBD for Cats

(Source: Paw CBD)

Paw CBD offers many options for your cat's daily wellness, each crafted for a feline's unique needs and palate.

  • CBD Oil Tinctures — Perfect for drizzling over food or onto a treat, oil tinctures allow for precise and easy measurement. We offer two strengths based on your cat's weight, in natural or catnip flavors to tempt even the most finicky of felines.

  • CBD Soft Chews — This tasty, daily treat is easy on small, aging, or sensitive teeth and delivers a set serving size. It comes in two strengths, both in a whisker-licking chicken and catnip flavor kitties love.

  • CBD Kidney Support Soft Chews — Kidney issues are not uncommon in cats, especially as they age. This specialty formula offers all the benefits of CBD for cats combined with specific natural ingredients to support kidney wellness.

  • Kitty Catnip Bundle — If you're not sure where to start, try this bundle! You'll get both the catnip oil tincture and the regular soft chews together for a special price so you and your kitty can find the purr-fect fit!

    Paw CBD products for cats are versatile and provide an array of wellness benefits for your favorite lap warmer. If you're looking to support a specific need, such as kidney health, or just wanting to enhance your cat's quality of life, CBD for cats can be a simple way to promote your cat's well-being. Meow!

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