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Looking for Pet CBD Solutions? Bundle Up!

Tuesday May 25, 2021

Cami Cacciatore, Paw CBD

New to CBD for pets and still exploring what works best? Or have you been using it for a while and want to try new products and flavors? Pet CBD bundles let you save on your furry friends' favorites, provide variety to their CBD routine, and address specific wellness concerns.

Whether you're shopping for a product that's tried and true or looking for something new to spoil your dog or cat, there's a bundle for that!

Why Bundles?

Bundles bring together a curated mix of products, which is especially helpful if you're just starting with CBD and not quite sure what your dog or cat will like best. Or maybe you're interested in trying different options to keep it fun and fresh, or want some specialty support for specific needs.

If you drizzle your kitty's favorite oil tincture over her breakfast, try adding a soft chew later in the day. Or maybe your pup needs extra calming while you're gone or during a thunderstorm, or he overdid it at the dog park and could use a little comfort support.

Paw CBD offers several bundles to save you money and meet your pets' many different needs. Whether you have a picky pooch or a finicky feline, you're sure to find a bundle they'll love.

Paw CBD Pet Bundles

Kitty Catnip Bundle
Popular products in craveable, cat-approved flavors:

  • 150 mg oil (catnip) — perfect for dropping the precise serving onto food or treats.
  • 150 mg soft chews (chicken and catnip) — soft little treats are easy on a kitty's teeth and come in a whisker-licking flavor they can't resist.

    Paw CBD Starter Kit for Dogs
    Perfect to start your canine companion on a daily CBD routine, with three delivery options and two tasty flavors to mix and match:
  • 300 mg oil (peanut butter) — easy to measure and simple to add to food, treats, or directly into your pet's mouth with our plastic dropper.
  • 300 mg treats (peanut butter) — a crunchy, tasty option for convenience or on the go.
  • 300 mg soft chews (chicken and bacon) — soft, chewy texture perfect for smaller dogs or sensitive teeth.

    Senior Dog Bundle
    Provides the powerful properties of CBD to help support your older dog's daily physical comfort, including premium, hemp-derived CBD oil tincture and our specialty soft chews.
  • 300 mg oil (peanut butter) — easy to add a little CBD boost to your pet's treats or food and adjust as needed.
  • 300 mg Hip+Joint chews (bacon) — soft, chewy texture is easy on sensitive teeth and provides mobility-supporting ingredients like glucosamine HCL to complement your senior dog's routine.

    Best in Show Bundle
    Since only the best for your best friend will do, this bundle includes our award-winning CBD products for dogs:
  • 300 mg treats (peanut butter) — portable and easy-to-use, these crunchy hard treats were voted the 2021 Product of the Year in a survey of 40,000 consumers by Kantar in the CBD Pet Product category.
  • 300 mg Calming chews (turkey) — a 2020 Pet Innovation Award Winner, these tasty treats are made with chamomile and L-tryptophan to support relaxation.
    Peanut Butter Lover's Bundle
    Dogs go nuts for peanut butter, so we've combined this favorite flavor with the wellness benefits of CBD in a bundle your pup can't resist:
  • 300 mg peanut butter — made with three simple ingredients, this rich peanut butter is a delicious treat right off the spoon, or use it to make your own homemade treats.
  • 300 mg oil — give this peanut butter-flavored oil directly to your dog, drizzle over their favorite food, or add it to homemade dog treats.
  • 300 mg treats — peanut butter goodness delivered in a crunchy baked treat, perfect for on-the-go doggos or a tasty snack anytime.
    Calm Canine Bundles
    Because even a good dog can have a bad day, this bundle includes two products specially formulated for calming, available in two options based on your dog's weight:
  • 250 mg (S/M) or 500 mg (M/L) Calming oil — blended with soothing melatonin, valerian root, and chamomile in an irresistible blueberry flavor.
  • 300 (S/M) or 600 mg (M/L) Calming chews — formulated with chamomile, passionflower, and L-tryptophan in tail-wagging turkey flavor.

    Bundle Up with Paw CBD!
    You want to give your pets the very best, so we make it easy to make CBD part of their daily wellness routine. Paw CBD bundles offer not only savings on premium, hemp-derived products for dogs and cats but also the variety to provide the perfect CBD options to suit their tastes and needs.

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