Hostess Introduces $TWINKcoins (Seriously)

Friday June 24, 2022

Hostess Introduces $TWINKcoins (Seriously)

Is this Hostess's way of saying Happy Pride Month?

This week the sweets giant "unveiled a new fluffy treat that's a nod to the most prominent cryptocurrencies out there. Its name? $TWINKcoins, which are coin-shaped vanilla sponge cakes filled with the brand's signature creme," the website reports. "Despite the fact that the $TWINKcoins look a lot like the brand's ever-popular Twinkies in coin form, customers seem a little too distracted by the product name to appreciate Hostess' showcase of its†crypto knowledge."

The new Twinkie abandons the long finger design for a round-one that resembles a coin.

But, as EliteDaily points out, this isn't just a bakery product. "On June 21, Hostess put its own spin on the crypto trend with $TWINKcoin, and despite a name that might make you think otherwise, it's a real thing — but it's not what you think."

In their announcement, Hostess wrote: "TWINKcoin is a currency with a stable value — it's always delicious!"

EliteDaily adds: "Despite its crypto-inspired moniker, $TWINKcoin isn't†actually†a form of cryptocurrency... Instead, $TWINKcoin is a new limited-edition Twinkie treat that's made to look like the round, golden coins that crypto is named after. While they don't look†Twinkie rolls†you know and love, don't worry — $TWINKcoin may have a new aesthetic, but the nostalgic bite features the same creamy filling, soft texture, and sweet flavor spongecake as the OG treat."

On Twitter, the response was quick with many pointing out the allusions to LGBTQ+ culture: