Are Cargo Pants Finally Here to Stay?

Friday January 22, 2021

From the British Armed Forces in the 1930s to today's runways, cargo pants have come and gone — but are they finally here to stay? Vogue fashion writer Christian Allaire hopes so.

"I'm enchanted by the new runway versions," says Allaire. "They're still very utilitarian, of course—who doesn't love handy pockets?—but cut high-waisted or with a slimmer fit along the leg, the rugged cargo trousers add a dash of cool to just about any outfit."

It all depends on the styling, according to The Irish fashion website suggests a looser fit for younger wearers, while "those of you past your thirties, something more fitted is a must to maintain balance to your overall fashion finish." suggests a contrasting cable-knit sweater (appropriately Irish) or a fitted bomber jacket to dress your cargos up.