Seeing Double? Adult Star Michael Boston & Identical Twin Hit Social Media

Saturday September 12, 2020

They look alike, they talk alike, sometimes they even... well, you know the rest.

That may be the best way to describe adult entertainment star Michael Boston and his identical twin brother Dylan, who have been sharing their brotherly love on social media. Nothing hardcore — just playful thirst-traps and cheeky tweets.

The English-born duo now both reside in the U.S. — Michael in L.A. and Dylan in NYC. Michael came to porn after hooking up with a porn star two years ago. His career was halted when he cared for his mom, who had cancer (it is now in remission). Upon returning to porn, he had his best year in 2019. What must confuse some on his shoots is when Dylan shows up, since it is very difficult to tell them apart.

Dylan shared a video on his recently created Twitter account, but for those wanting to see more of him, should head to Instagram where the bros love to share their pics.