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The Phoenix: Erectile Dysfunction Has Met Its Match

Thursday September 24, 2020

If you've ever had an issue rising to the occasion, you're not alone. Studies have shown that by the time men reach 50 years old, approximately half of them have experienced some level of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Remedies in the form of oral medications flooded the market in 1998 with the FDA's approval of Viagra, but the little blue pill that could (and similar ones that followed) only addresses the symptoms and not the cause of ED. What came next sent waves through the industry — acoustic waves, to be exact. And for the first time, The Phoenix brings this breakthrough technology home.

The first use of high-intensity acoustic wave therapy dates back to 1980 and was initially developed to treat renal calculi and eventually gall stones, pancreatic stones and more. Urologists and other men's health professionals recognized that the same technology, at a lower intensity, could be applied to ED with positive results.

How It Works

To understand how acoustic wave therapy works, you first need to understand what's going on with your plumbing. Over time, vascular deterioration occurs in the penis. Less blood flow equals a weak erection. Additionally, micro-plaques may build-up, further reducing circulation.

The Phoenix at-home device is the same technology that can be found in men's specialty clinics around the country but at a fraction of the cost. A typical treatment cycle can include up to 12 sessions. With the Phoenix, the user easily self-administers the non-invasive treatment at home, with clinical-quality results.

The Phoenix is simple and intuitive to operate. A complete treatment takes only 20 minutes, with most users seeing results the day after the first treatment. This may be because the micro-plaques are being broken up and cleared out of existing blood vessels. Improvement continues throughout the treatment course, and maximum benefit is generally seen within three months, as neovascularization takes place.

Features include a medical-grade stainless steel tip to ensure hygienic treatment; removable nosecone for fast, easy cleaning; easy-to-reach ergonomic controls; proprietary intuitive annunciation (the device guides the user through each treatment step); automated time-out function; and a pacing bar graph to ensure accurate device placement.

More than a hundred studies have documented low-intensity acoustic wave therapy's effectiveness, with impressive results that confirm the technology's success rate. Particularly noteworthy is the data that reveals positive success rates for participants who do not respond to oral medications. Additionally, a systematic and meta-analysis of 14 studies reported "encouraging results," suggesting that the treatment could "significantly improve the International Index of Erectile Function and the Erection Hardness Score of ED patients."

And in case you think that the Phoenix is solely for men suffering from extreme cases of ED, think again. Studies have shown decreased erectile performance in men as early as their 20s. Additionally, this type of therapy can be used preventively to help keep plaque from building up in the blood vessels. The industry-disrupting brand has already seen a broad demographic of customers purchase the Phoenix to support a healthy sexual lifestyle with peak performance no matter their age.

An Entrepreneur with a Mission for Men

Phoenix co-founder Dustin Wolff has spent the last two decades committed to the intersectional well-being of mind, body and soul. He was a formative force behind the opening of the Novus Anti-Aging Center in Los Angeles, which addresses sexual health and wellness through a variety of services.

Wolff knew that cost and proximity were major roadblocks to men seeking the ED care they desired and challenged himself to be the first- and best-in-class leader in adapting the technology for home use.

Nearly 10 months and 27 iterations later, the Phoenix was ready to launch, featuring the same FDA registration, classification and documentation as the in-office technology.

"I was listening to a podcast a few years ago when I first heard the mention of acoustic wave therapy. It fit perfectly into our business model, and within several months of being offered, it was a huge success," says Wolff. "I knew that if I could bring this technology into the home of every guy who needs it, we'd be doing a service by bridging the gap of accessibility and affordability. We're finally talking about ED, which is a great thing. Now it's time to start treating it instead of just covering up the symptoms."

Want to find out if you're a good candidate for the Phoenix? Take this quiz.

Dr. Paul Thompson, the Phoenix's Chief Medical Officer, describes why he's committed to sharing his knowledge and the potential impact the device may have on men around the world.

The Phoenix is not a toy, it is a medical device which emits powerful sound waves. These sound waves are safe if used as intended but may be dangerous and harmful if used improperly. The Phoenix must only be used in accordance with the printed and video instructions which are included with the product and which are available on the Company website.

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