Anti-Gay Radio Hosts: Miley Sold Her Soul to the Devil, Had Sex With A Demon

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Friday November 1, 2013

A photo of controversial pop sensation Miley Cyrus next to a Haloween prop caused a stir with ultra-conservative Trunews radio show host Rick Wiles. Wiles invited fellow anti-gay pundit Joe Schimmel of Good Fight Ministries onto his show to talk about Cyrus, claiming that the former Hannah Montana star is in cahoots with the Devil and promoting satanism to youth; Right Wing Watch reports.

Wiles said Cyrus, 20, is the "poster child" for the "Synagogue of Satan," before asking, "any wonder whom she serves as her soul's master?" He described the photo as Cyrus "leaning back to lick the rib bones of a caped skeleton, with red eyes and horns."

"Sadly I think Miley is merely latest young talented person to make the deal with Lucifer," he added. "I'm thoroughly convinced that many pop culture, music and movie stars, sold their souls for Satan in return for fame in money."

Schimmel said that the singer has been "baptized into the Illuminati" and that she was imitating the Hindu goddess of Kali during her infamous MTV Video Music Award performance.

According to Wikipedia, Kali is the Hindu goddess of time and change. Apparently she can now add twerking to her resume.

"There's definitely a spiritual thing going on she's basically, at least symbolically, showing how to have sex with some Satanic figures," Schimmel added.

According to E!, Cyrus tweeted the photo, along with other Halloween pics, on Thursday.

"This is Halloween Halloween Halloween Halloween," she wrote, adding the hashtag "#halloween."

Thank goodness Wiles and Schimmel didn't see the Halloween pictures of Cyrus dressed up as Lil Kim...or basically any other photo of her.

Listen to clips of the radio show over at Right Wing Watch.