Hong Kong Cops Make Arrests for Porn Clip of Gay Sex Between Men in Police Uniforms

Saturday May 15, 2021
Originally published on May 14, 2021

Who doesn't love a man in uniform? The Hong Kong PD — at least, not when the uniform in question looks like the real thing and is being worn by actors in a gay porn clip.

Two men behind a sex video created in 2012 were arrested by Hong Kong police after a 10-second clip of the video went viral last month, The Standard has reported.

According to the outlet, the video clip featured "two men wearing constable uniforms and a third wearing stripes of a sergeant. ... All of them are equipped with batons, handguns and walkie-talkies.

"They are seen performing oral sex and sexual intercourse, during which one 'constable' is leaning against a wooden chair, while the other two hold him from the front and behind."

One of the men placed under arrest supposedly appeared in the video, as per the report, but did not mention why the second man had been arrested. The Standard indicates the men face a number of charges, including "unauthorized use of police uniforms, distributing obscene articles, possessing false instruments, handling stolen goods and possessing offensive weapons."

Crime bureau senior inspector Lau Chun-yu the outlet that "none of the men in the video were police officers," and claimed the "video was made to satisfy the suspects' abnormal taste for sex."

Chun-yu noted that some of the confiscated props and equipment, such as an illegal extendable baton and a BB gun, do not accurately reflect what a Hong Kong police officer would normally carry. But the uniforms are a different matter.

The outfits "do bear a strong resemblance to the genuine" police uniforms, explained Chun-yu, who said, "police are still investigating their origin and authenticity."

The steamy cop video isn't the only pornographic clip the Hong Kong police have been looking into, either. Earlier this year, videos showing two men engaging in sexual acts on the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) train went viral.

The 45-second clip showed the men's clothing "strewn on the seats" while the two men are "having sex and masturbating" in the otherwise-empty train car, the South China Morning News reported, noting that the men's faces were "digitally obscured by emoticons."

The video was originally shared on Twitter before it was picked up and widely circulated online. Per reports, the Twitter account in question that posted the video went offline.

A second video seemed to show one of the same two men in the same car, this time with other passengers present. Again, the man's face is obscured, though in this shorter, 30-second video, his actions — taking a selfie — are far more innocuous.

MTR officials said that they didn't know when the video was made and had not gotten any reports about men having sex on the train.

The police were treating the video as a case of "disorderly conduct in a public place" and "disseminating obscene and indecent articles," according to the South China Morning Post.