Bruce LaBruce's 'Saint-Narcisse' Not on Amazon

Tuesday June 28, 2022

A scene from "Saint-Narcisse"
A scene from "Saint-Narcisse"  (Source:IMDb)

Bruce LaBruce woke up this past weekend to find his 2020 provocative dark comedy "Saint-Narcisse" no longer available to stream in the U.S. It's also gone from the British site.

"BANNED!" began his post on Instagram. "After 6 months streaming on Amazon in the US & France, my movie 'Saint-Narcisse' has been removed for 'offensive content' with no other explanation! Meanwhile, as someone on twitter pointed out, on the Season 3 premiere episode of Amazon's The Boys, a microscopic superhero entered the urethra of another man's penis and gorily exploded him from the inside. I guess i should have blown up the twins in my movie while they were having sex and no one would have said anything."

He linked to a Deadline story that corroborated his claim. "UK LGBTQ+-focused distributor Peccadillo Pictures has claimed that Amazon Prime Video UK is refusing to make Canadian artist and filmmaker Bruce LaBruce's provocative dark comedy 'Saint-Narcisse' available on its online store."

"Company MD Tom Abell said its request to list the title on Amazon's UK online offering had been turned down without explanation," Deadline added.

"We are totally mystified as to why Amazon Prime Video is refusing to make the critically acclaimed 'Saint-Narcisse' available to its customers, both here in the UK and internationally," Abell said.

He continued: "When their system originally refused to take the film we pointed out that it was available on Amazon in the U.S. and France and then it was removed from those platforms as well, despite being on them for over six months. The DVD continues to be sold by Amazon but they won't stream it."

Deadline reported that a "source close to the matter at Amazon said a decision on whether the film would be made available on the UK platform was still under review, but Abell stands by his version of events, stating that the title was declined. We've reached out to the streamer for further clarity."

"Saint-Narcisse" holds a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film centers on a young man who discovers he has a long lost twin. "The melodrama 'Saint-Narcisse' presents an interpretation of the Greek myth of Narcissus, the beautiful youth who pined after his own reflection," reviewed the New York Times. "Of course, this is mythology by way of 1970s pornography; incest and Catholic perversion abound."

The Guardian wrote: "Taking self-love to new heights, Canadian provocateur Bruce LaBruce's zany 70s-set family affair drips with blasphemous, outrageous delights."