Trans Activist, Adult Star Buck Angel Called 911 to Report Gaga's Dognapping; FBI Now Investigating

Friday February 26, 2021

Buck Angel
Buck Angel  (

The person who called 911 to report the shooting of Lady Gaga's dog walker Ryan Fischer is Buck Angel, trans activist, entrepreneur and adult performer, Angel told the U.S. Sun (the American version of the British tabloid The Sun).

This news comes as the FBI has announced it is investigating the high-profile dognapping, for which the music superstar is offering a $500,000 reward.

"The dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was strolling along North Sierra Bonita Avenue with Gaga's dogs — Gustav, Koji and Miss Asia — around 9:40 p.m. Wednesday, when a four-door sedan pulled up and two men attacked, according to police," writes the New York Post in reporting the crime.

"When Fischer put up a fight, one of the men shot him one time with a semiautomatic handgun, and the duo sped off with Gustav and Koji."

Ryan Fischer

Fischer is currently in hospital and he is expected to recover.

Angel told the U.S. Sun that he heard a commotion outside his home that was going on for a long time. "I looked out and saw a white sedan in front of the abandoned house, then different guys' voices screaming - I'm sure it was all men."

He headed outside to find out what was happening.

"I opened my gate and there was a gunshot, so I bolted back into the house and called 911," Angel said. "Then I heard a second gunshot and the sound of the car speeding off."

Buck Angel

When the police arrived, Angel came out and saw another neighbor administering CPR on the injured Fischer.

"He was compressing his chest, trying to stop the bleeding. He was saving his life. I actually thought he was dead. He was shot once, I believe, even though there were two gun shots," he said.

The U.S. Sun spoke to another neighbor who described Fischer as "a lovely, friendly guy. It's terrible. He never boasts about working for Lady Gaga, he just says he 'works for someone important'."

Angel also added that he thought the location where the dognapping was planned to take place at a location where there would be little chance of anyone witnessing the crime.

"They had to have chosen that spot to carry out the attack, and those dogs were targeted for ransom, it had to be," he told the outlet. "They must have wanted to blackmail Lady Gaga for money."

Angel, according to his website, "was born female on June 5,1962. He never felt female and struggled through life until he had the life-changing opportunity to transition from female to male and finally live life authentically. He had many obstacles during his transition mostly due to no information for transitioning for FTM transsexuals. But with the help of compassionate doctors, he lives his truth and now can help to educate the world with his story. His mission is to inspire people to re-define gender and to foster a new generation as they discover the fluidity of sexuality and navigate gender politics. His message "It's not what between your legs that defines you" has sparked many a conversation and opened minds to the important message that gender is what you say it is for you, and that self-acceptance is not only what makes a person happy, it's how others come to understand you."

For more on Buck Angel, visit his website.

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