French Military Man-Turned-Escort-Turned Tattoo Artist Clément Grobotek's Revealing Book to be Filmed

Sunday February 28, 2021
Originally published on February 25, 2021

Last summer tattoo artist Clément Grobotek turned heads in France with the publication of "Moi, j'embrasse" ("Me, I Embrace"), his personal account of when he was an escort for a wealthy male clientele. The French site TÊTU reports this week that plans are being made to bring his provocative story into a six-part series to be produced by theindependent box Irrix Films.

"The beginning of a new adventure, probably strewn with pitfalls and long drawn-out, anything can still fail. But my book 'moi, j'embrasse' is in development for adaptation, I'm honored," Grobotek tweeted. His book, according to a description on Babelio "is an unprecedented testimony to a social phenomenon that takes place out of sight. It tells of a pernicious process and lifts the veil on a dark reality, behind the illusions of celebration and luxury."

A former military man, Grobotek said he turned to prostitution because of "the lack of money to pay for housing," adding that 3% of students in France prostitute themselves to get by and be able to finance their studies, he explained in a podcast on the website Telerama.

"During this period, which lasted a little less than two years, I kept a journal. As if I knew that one day, I would have to dive back into those moments in order to then be able to turn the page and open a new chapter in my life," he told La Novelle Republique.

Now 26, he has moved on to becoming a tattoo artist and "loves his job." But not, it turns out, the numerous tats on his lean frame. In his Telerama podcast he says that his tattoos were "an armor to give oneself a more assertive, more manly air," but today, he wants to erase almost all of them: "I no longer need to hide my body under a layer of ink."

And writing the book has been cathartic for him. "I'm 26 years old. I exorcised my demons and it gave me strength, now that my weaknesses have been exposed publicly. It freed me. I discovered that what I was going through, others also experienced it. If I had known... It's cool to feel supported and understood. People are rather tolerant, there are fewer judgments than I feared," he told La Novelle Republique.

Grobotek made headlines in France and abroad in November, 2015 when he and his boyfriend Aaron were attacked by six men in Montpellier, France. "In a Facebook post, Grobotek said the group of men who drove past them hurled anti-gay insults at him and his boyfriend," reported Gay Star News. "When Grobotek shouted back, four men alighted from the car and attacked his boyfriend while two more attacked him. Aaron was unconscious for several minutes after the attack."

In his Facebook post (since deleted) he addressed the men who beat him: "But you know what? You will always be powerless! You can hit and hit again and again, you will never make me stop loving my boy more than everything."