Watch: Lea Michele Expertly 'Reads' Her Haters on TikTok

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday September 19, 2022

Lea Michele keeps on winning. After making her much-anticipated debut as Fanny Brice in Broadway's "Funny Girl," a role she has coveted since the start of her career, she is on top of the world and isn't going to let anyone rain on her parade — especially the haters.


As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Michele was taking a break from "Funny Girl," after testing positive for COVID-19, and decided to take on her haters in a hilarious TikTok video.


As you may or might not have read, there have been rumors swirling around that Michele can't read. And so, in true Broadway diva style, she decided to read her haters for filth.


"Michele posted a clip using some old iconic Keeping Up with the Kardashians audio between a tearful Kim Kardashian and Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis, 'It's amazing but wait, can you talk for a sec?'" EW reports.


It was her first TikTok, and she wanted to know how fans were reacting in her comments. So Michele then captioned the video with a shoutout to her BFF Jonathan Groff, writing: "Calling Jonathan to read me the comments on my first TikTok," referencing rumors that she can't read.


"The whole 'Lea Michele can't read' thing started in 2017 on the 'One More Thing' podcast, according to the Wikipedia for Unhip Millennials, Know Your Meme," EW reports. Hosts Jane Hunt and Robert Ackerman mentioned a part in Naya Rivera's memoir where she said Michele refused to improvise scenes. The hosts joked that perhaps it was because Michele couldn't read.


Well, she is reading now and winning. See the hilarious video below.



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