Ricky Martin Hit with $3M Suit by Former Manager

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Monday July 4, 2022
Originally published on June 30, 2022

Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin   (Source:Instagram / @ricky_martin)

Ricky Martin's former manager has brought suit against him for $3 million, alleging unpaid commissions and a "toxic work environment," and claiming she saved his career from an unspecified "allegation."

Variety reports that Rebecca Drucker "managed the Puerto Rican singer during two separate periods: from 2014-2018 and again from 2020-2022, which according to Drucker, was because his 'personal and professional life [were] in absolute turmoil.' "

"The complaint filed with the L.A. Central District Court alleges that Drucker guided Martin through 'recording contracts, touring and sponsorship deals, and other professional endeavors,' " Variety relays, and further states that "With Rebecca at his side, Martin made millions of dollars and therefore owes Rebecca substantial commissions."

Additionally, the suit claims that Drucker resolved what it describes as a ""potentially career-ending allegation" arising from "an incident that allegedly happened in September 2020," Variety details, though the nature of the allegation was not disclosed.

However, Variety says, the suit claims that "because of [Drucker's] guidance, [Martin] was able to '[emerge] unscathed and [proceed] with his professional resurgence.' "

But, the suit adds, Martin "betrayed Rebecca and took for granted her loyalty, dedication, and exceptional service to him" in what the suit says was a "flagrant breach of contract," UK newspaper the Independent reports.

"Drucker said she resigned from her job again in April 2022, alleging that 'Martin fostered a toxic work environment wherein he constantly mistreated, manipulated, and lied' to her," the Independent went on to add.

"Further, she claims, 'Martin has now threatened Rebecca and is attempting to force her to sign an agreement with a nondisclosure clause to silence' Drucker about the singer's 'abhorrent behavior'," the Independent article continues.

Drucker has asked for a trial by jury, reports said.

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