With New Pics, Is Out YouTuber Tyler Oakley Now a Daddy?

Thursday June 17, 2021

Tyler Oakley
Tyler Oakley  (Source:Instagram / @tyleroakley)

Earlier this week, it was announced that social media influencer and ex-YouTuber Tyler Oakley will be one of the guests at "YouTube Pride 2021" which will broadcast on June 25 in the U.S.

The star-studded event will be co-hosted by Elton John and David Furnish alongside celebrity guests like Demi Lovato, Olly Alexander, Mawaan Rizwan, Trixie Mattel, and Daniel Howell. John and Furnish will appear on their own YouTube channel as two of the evening's emcees to raise money for The Elton John AIDS Foundation, The Trevor Project, and AKT, according to Rolling Stone. Additional special guests include Oakley, Kim Chu, Monet X Change, Peppermint, and Denali Foxx, who will also make appearances during the event.

Despite retiring from the platform in December 2020, Oakley has had a long and hugely successful relationship with YouTube. Since 2007, the out internet personality has become a leading YouTube influencer who has amassed more than 7 million followers over the years.

In announcing his retirement in December, Tyler explained that he needed to take a break from the platform. Part of Oakley's appeal is no doubt his boyish adorableness, which is why it came as a complete shock when images published on The Sword (NSFW) saw Oakley morph into a daddy as he modeled underwear for Saxx's Pride collection.

In the series of photos, Oakley appears in a white tank top with a pair of black underwear patterned with rainbow-colored graffiti along with "love" and "live" written across the fabric, as well as a few indecipherable words along the crotch area. One image shows him standing with one leg on a bed and with his arm reaching into his underwear, a pose that shows off his noticeably defined arms. In another, he's sitting in bed and the last image shows him rolled over.

(If you ask us, the narrative of the slideshow makes it clear that the hot ginger is versatile.)

Also, Oakley's mustache gives him a retro, mature vibe, which may be intentional considering the profits for the limited-edition design will go to @SAGEUSA, the country's leading support organization for elder LGBTQ people.

Oakley said these photos are his way of stepping out of his comfort zone and thanked those involved in the shoot for making him feel so calm, confident, and cool.

Those aren't the only thirst traps Oakley has shared, either. Here are some others showing his more familiar look: