Listen: In New Podcast Interview, Lil Nas X Opens Up About Dating Life, Talks Coming Out

Saturday April 10, 2021
Originally published on April 3, 2021

After releasing his new song and its much-talked about music video "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)"," Lil Nas X stopped by the "Spout Podcast" and opened up about his dating life and about his decision to come out in 2019, Just Jared points out.

During the interview, the 21-year-old musician talked a bit about his love life, revealing he's currently single.

"Not right now. Whenever I start dating somebody, I fall too into them sometimes," he said, adding that his fast feelings is both a good and bad thing.

"Good, in whatever my idea of love is right now. But also bad, because this person is maybe occupying too much of my time," the singer added.

Lil Nas also talked about his decision to come out as gay back in the summer of 2019, saying being out has helped his dating life.

"It's definitely easier. Before fame, I dated maybe like two, three people. None of the relationship anybody ever knew besides us two, you know?" he said, adding that coming out was like "ripping the bandaged off." He went on to talk about some of the negative response he received.

"Only from like certain fans, I guess, which weren't even really like fans yet, because I'd only been famous for like three months."

Listen to the interview below.

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