'Boy Culture' Author Matthew Rettenmund Unleashes Two New Tomes

Thursday October 29, 2015

Matthew Rettenmund, the blogger at BoyCulture.com (which turns 10 on Nov. 6) and the author of the novels "Boy Culture" (made into an acclaimed film in 2006) and "Blind Items: A (Love) Story," is celebrating the publication of two new books.

The books were celebrated at a press reception held at the Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC last night, with champagne courtesy of Barefoot Wine & Bubbly and music by DJ Mike Borowski.

Encyclopedia Madonnica 20: Madonna from A to Z

"Encyclopedia Madonnica 20," with a stunning cover by Richard Corman and a previously unseen back cover photo by Kiri Teshigahara, is the 20th-anniversary update of the 1995 classic. The 582-page "Madonna bible" covers Madonna's life and career in witty, exhaustively informative alphabetical entries from birth to "Bitch I'm Madonna." Designed by Anthony Coombs, the full-color book is filled with never-before-seen photos, images of unusual collectibles, and original illustrations.

"Encyclopedia Madonnica 20" contains interviews with Madonna's legendary stylist, Maripol; her first photographer, Linda Alaniz; "Desperately Seeking Susan" actor Robert Joy and publicist Reid Rosefelt; gossip icon Michael Musto; former MTV journalist John Norris; auction expert Darren Julien of Julien's Auctions; Thomas De Pascale, who produced Madonna's first show in Boston in 1984; and many others.

The book also contains one-word descriptions of Madonna from 80+ entertainment luminaries, including Carol Burnett ("Talented!"), Andy Cohen ("Queen"), Billy Eichner ("Determined"), Perez Hilton ("Forever"), Cyndi Lauper ("UNSTOPPABLE"), Liza Minnelli ("Sensational"), and one-time boyfriend Tony Ward ("Relentless").

Rettenmund says: "I've been obsessed with Madonna almost as long as Madonna has been obsessed with Madonna. What I think readers will love about this book is that it's both a lighthearted answer to every fan's like-a-prayers and a serious assessment of Madonna as an artist and pop cultural phenomenon."

Praise for 'Encyclopedia Madonnica'

"The most useful channeling of celebrity fanaticism that I've ever witnessed ... 'Encyclopedia Madonnica 20' is not just an expression of celebrity adoration, it is the height of such expression." -- Rich Juzwiak, Gawker

"[EM20] was an invaluable source of accurate Madonna material 20 years ago, and it is, two decades later, invaluable still. The massive tome -- a lethal weapon, literally -- explains, comments, corrects, dissects every person, place, album, video, movie, man, animal, mineral, or plant life that ever crossed Madonna's path." -- Liz Smith

"Encyclopedia Madonnica" (SKU 978-0-692515-57-0; paperback, 582 pages; $65 retail; Boy Culture LLC) is available at many online retailers, including:
BoyCulture.com: http://bit.ly/1OMK5jV
Barnes & Noble: bit.ly/1WnBCV7
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1QZTIJP

Starf*cker: A Meme-oir

What is a starf*cker?

No matter how you define it, Matthew Rettenmund readily admits to being one. The ultimate pop-culture enthusiast, he has been fascinated by celebrities since birth.

This funny, sexy memoir (arranged by memes) documents Rettenmund's life via his affection for movie, TV, and music stars...as well as those famous for being famous.

From his years as a starstruck gay-by, to his haunting of autograph shows, to his careers in porn and as the founding editor-in-chief of a teen pinup magazine ("Zac Efron can't be gay because he never made a pass at me,") Rettenmund details and deconstructs his -- and our ---passion for celebrity with humor and insight.

Rettenmund says: "I'm not Shelley Winters, let alone Barack Obama, but I wrote a memoir because I felt my preoccupation with celebrity could be put to some good use besides enriching autograph dealers. I wanted to make people laugh in recognition and horror. I conceived it as a high-minded think piece on fandom, but it doubles as an excuse to talk about childhood obesity, Dungeons & Dragons, racism, Debralee Scott, people who've screwed me over, and pre-condom gay porn."

Praise for Matthew Rettenmund

"Matthew Rettenmund, with his sharp eye and knowing prose, sounds like one of the freshest voices on the block." -- Nick Hornby on Boy Culture, The New York Times Review of Books

"It's like a thousand gossip columns put together...but with a plot!" -- Michael Musto on Blind Items: A (Love) Story

Starf*cker (paperback, 439 pages; $7.99 digital/$25 physical; Lethe Press Books) is available at:
Lethe Press Books: bit.ly/1GwbaRY
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1W9Pg1s