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How Hot and Cold Pack Therapeutic Treatments Look So Fab with HurtSkurt

by Lauren Emily Whalen

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday January 12, 2022

How Hot and Cold Pack Therapeutic Treatments Look So Fab with HurtSkurt

Want to get fit in 2022? You're not alone. According to a YouGov data study of 2020 New Year's resolutions, 50% of Americans promised to work out more before the Times Square ball dropped again.

However, effective exercise is a process. Certain precautions are essential to avoid injury, including a solid warmup, active stretching, and properly treating those sore muscles that come with exerting yourself. Enter the HurtSkurt.

A reusable gel sleeve available in a variety of sizes and colorful patterns, the HurtSkurt provides hot or cold relief to combat joint and muscle pain — and it doubles as a fabulous accessory. Cleverly dubbed FUNCSHION — fun, function, and fashion — by its founder, the HurtSkurt is as essential to a gym bag as bottled water and brightly hued spandex.

Slide one on your arm or leg, use it as a flat compress or attach it to the SkurtStrap to apply relief to your back, neck, hip or shoulder, and you'll get icy joint alleviation or warm muscle softness right after you feel the burn. HurtSkurt is not only hand-washable and built to last but also doesn't have to fit tightly to work effectively. HurtSkurt's latest product, the Skull Skurt, releases this winter and is designed to provide head relief for oral pain and headaches.

From Beach to Gym: HurtSkurt's Origin Story

(Source: HurtSkurt)

In May 2017, Joe Tolman had a dream. The designer wanted a singular carryall to help him and his family transport everything they needed to their beloved beach but wasn't successful with existing products. However, that night, Joe experienced a vision of a bright, Polynesian-patterned cooler bag that would solve this problem, and by morning light, he had a plan.

The Hula Cula was born and still exists — but as a fashion bag, it wasn't quite right for dumping ice in to keep drinks cold. Driving back to Hartford from his Manhattan bag manufacturer, Tolman came up with a solution: a stretch-to-fit hot/cold gel pack made of colorful fabric similar to that of yoga pants that acted as a "skirt" for the beverage. The device was better than a traditional cooler or ice pack, as it cooled first the drinks, then the space around them. Bonus: no wet mess!

Once Joe developed the HulaSkurt prototype and shared it with loved ones, many wished they'd had it as a therapeutic measure post-surgery or workout. A few minor adjustments and the HurtSkurt went from late-night vision to heating and cooling innovation. No ice, no bandages, and no harnessing devices needed.

Hot or Cold Compresses Made Easy—and Colorful

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Hot or cold — which is best for pain? According to a John Hopkins University study, it depends. Warmth can reduce muscle spasms and joint stiffness, so it's good for tightness but should not be used 48 hours after an injury. Coolness, on the other hand, can ease pain by numbing the area and reduces inflammation and swelling.

The HurtSkurt provides both. Its patent-pending design's flexible fabric holds individual gel panels with stitching between each in a stretch-to-fit fabric ring with elastic on the top and bottom hems to allow for a 360-degree range of motion during treatment. The HurtSkurt is currently available in four different sizes, and the vibrantly colored and patterned fabric makes for a functional and fashionable alternative to a potentially leaky ice pack or messy warm compress. There's also a built-in fabric barrier, so you can easily slide it on.

You can store your HurtSkurt in the freezer for maximum cold relief or keep it in your refrigerator for gentler but equally effective therapy. Clinically proven to keep your targeted body temperature cold for longer than other packs, the HurtSkurt maintains therapeutic temperatures for 20 minutes and can be used on another body part without re-freezing.

Prefer heat on your muscles? The HurtSkurt is microwave-safe! Follow the package's instructions and heat in 10 to 20-second increments. You'll know your personal comfort level after a few uses.

A Variety of Uses

(Source: HurtSkurt)

Remember the HulaSkurt, and its amazing ability to keep drinks cold? The HurtSkurt can also serve this need and many others:

  • Support sore joints and muscles
  • Help relieve headaches
  • Chill soda cans, wine bottles, and other beverages
  • Keep ice cream frozen in a cooler
  • Provide heat or cold as needed in inclement weather

    From a Polynesian dream in 2017 to a revolutionary, multi-use reality in 2022, the HurtSkurt is a must for anyone going back to the gym after weeks of holiday partying or embarking on the first step to fitness. Whatever your workout goals, self-care is essential — soothe your soreness the right way this year.

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