Luke Evans Said to Be Dating Aussie Tycoon

Sunday February 21, 2021
Originally published on February 13, 2021

Luke Evans is the most famous out actor in Hollywood, which has made him a paparazzi fave. Just in the past few months, his break-up with boyfriend Rafael Olarra made headlines, as did a recent trip to the beach with a hunk on a motorbike. And when he poses in a Speedo, he teases his fans with a Instagram.

The 41-year old Welsh actor just finished shooting playing a gay lawyer in the upcoming series "Nine Perfect Strangers" in Australia's Byron Bay, and he found a tycoon in the process, the Daily Mail reports. "According to reports by The Daily Telegraph (link behind a firewall), the openly gay Welsh hunk is dating a Sydney man who happens to be a finance tycoon."

Details about his identity are not known, but it appears that Evans has stopped looking for romance. "It's also understood Evans is diving headfirst into the dating scene in Sydney which — with the annual gay-and-lesbian Mardi Gras on the horizon — has no shortage of willing candidates," reports The Daily Telegraph. Evans is said to be staying in Bondi rather than returning to COVID-19 ravaged London, where he presently lives.

"In the upcoming series he plays a gay lawyer named Lars and admitted it was 'nice' to portray a gay character on screen for the first time," reported the Daily Mail. He said: "It was a lovely character to delve into and to calibrate and deliver this complex person. But, yes, it was nice to play a gay character after all these years of doing roles on stage and screen."

Check out these pics from his Instagram: