Watch: Marjorie Taylor Greene Gropes a Life-Size Trump Cut-Out

Friday February 5, 2021

The website Str8UpGayPorn linked to a tweet with a video showing Marjorie Taylor Greene groping a cardboard cut-out of former President Donald Trump. The video was tweeted by Resist Programming.

The tweet came on the day that Democrats in the House of Representatives stripped her of her committee postings due to her inflammatory rhetoric and extreme views. The vote fell along partisan lines, with 219 Democrats and only 11 Republicans voting to have her removed. The final vote was 230-199,

In the video, Greene is seen at what appears to be a Trump rally where she's dressed in a sleeveless shirt and jeans. "I've got to do one more thing. I always do this," she says before walking offscreen and returning with a life-size cut-out of Donald Trump to much applause and laughter. "He's just fantastic," she says reaching out to touch him. "This guy right here is great." She then reaches down and slides her hand up and down the cut-out.

Whether she meant to be erotic is not known, but such an image doesn't fit with the squeaky clean God Warrior she proclaims to be. But perhaps things just aren't what they seem, as the New Yorker reported last summer in a profile on Greene. The publication spoke to Jim Chambers, the former owner of the Atlanta CrossFit gym where Greene worked in 2012. Eight years later, when he saw that she had a burgeoning political career based on conservative Christian values, he spoke out.

"Chambers got on social media and told the world that, back when he knew Greene, she was having 'multiple, blatant extramarital affairs in front of all of us.' He added, 'I don't even judge that, until you say the kind of shit she does and claim the Jesus about it.' (Greene, who was baptized at an evangelical church in a suburb just north of Atlanta, in 2011, and speaks frequently about being Christian, has said that she wants to bring 'my faith and my family values to Washington.')"

The New Yorker spoke to one of the men with whom Greene allegedly had an affair, who requested anonymity. He said he was also "bothered by Greene's hypocrisy. He provided me with a screenshot of a text exchange in which Greene acknowledged sleeping with him. 'She never talked about politics,' he said. He told me he later learned that she was also sleeping with another man who was not her husband, 'while the whole time being 'super Christian.' He added, 'She's not the pro-family, pro-Christian, strong-business woman she touts herself to be.' "

When asked by the New Yorker about the allegations, Greene replied by texting a warning: "Let me be clear with you... Writing defamatory articles about me is a very bad choice. Be very wise in who your 'sources' are." The New Yorker was directed to her attorney, L. Lin Wood, who was spouting his own conspiracy theory that Trump was deliberately infected with COVID-19, for comment. He "responded by insisting that the piece was 'intended to smear her with false accusations, half-truths, misrepresentations, out-of-context statements, and agenda driven lies' —but, like Greene, he did not specifically refute or deny any of the particular allegations or claims presented to him."