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Trump Jr. Claims LGBTQ People "Don't Want Equality" in New Interview

by Sam Cronin
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Nov 14, 2019
Dave Rubin interviews Donald Trump Jr.
Dave Rubin interviews Donald Trump Jr.   (Source:The Rubin Report/YouTube screengrab)

In an online interview Monday with Dave Rubin, an out right-wing commentator and host of The Rubin Report, Donald Trump Jr. said he believes "They [LGBTQ people] actually don't want equality. They want more than equality. Everyone needs some sort of form of reparations."

Rubin also spoke his views on LGBTQ equality, emphasizing that he thinks legalizing same-sex marriage was sufficient to end sexual and gender inequality.

"All I ever wanted was exact equality under the law," Rubin said. "That's what we've got. Now we're equal."

He went on to make a bold statement that he wouldn't be bothered by being called a homosexual slur.

"You can call me whatever you want, Rubin said. "You could call me a f*g right now and it wouldn't mean anything to me."

While Trump Jr. did not have a direct response to Rubin's statement, he did state that he doesn't believe trans people face oppression, saying: "It wasn't like they were oppressed like some communities actually were. I didn't know what trans was until a few years ago, probably."

He went on to indirectly comment on the transgender bathroom debate, saying he would be in favor of everyone using one bathroom.

"Listen, I'm a builder... if I don't have to build dual bathrooms, I could actually save a lot of money," Trump Jr. said. "I wish everyone would share a bathroom."

The interview can be viewed at the link below, and the relevant portion begins at 15 minutes.

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