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11 Men in a Tub? Adult Filmmaker Flaunts British Regulations with New Shoot

Sep 20, 2020

Adult Filmmeister Michael Lucas took his latest shoot on the road — to Nottingham, England to be precise, and appears to have flaunted Britain's COVID-19 guidelines.

Seeing Double? Adult Star Michael Boston & Identical Twin Hit Social Media

Sep 12, 2020

Adult star Michael Boston and his identical twin tear up social media.

Why Poppers Are Banned


Although there are thousands of different drugs circulating in society these days, poppers have somehow remained a mystery to most people.

JustForFans Founder Accused of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior with Models, Intimidation

Aug 9, 2020

JustForFans has become one of the web's leading sites for adult male performers to distribute their content to fans. But its founder, Dominic Ford, has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior by two of his former models.

Watch: Pornhub Honors Female Orgasm Day

Aug 8, 2020

Today Pornhub announced the launch of its "Orgasm Gap" campaign in honor of International Female Orgasm Day, an initiative geared toward closing the orgasm gap in male-female relationships.

Adult Studio Seeks Participants for Group Film, But are They Pushing NYC's COVID Guidelines?

Aug 6, 2020

An adult male entertainment company is seeking participants in a "no load refused gang bang" to be filmed next month. But are they skirting COVID guidelines?

Arousal Used as Key Metric in New Male Bisexuality Study

By Kevin Schattenkirk | Jul 30, 2020

With a rigorous study, the researchers aimed to establish a male bisexual identity that is "on a continuum rather than dichotomously," debunking the notion that bisexual men are really straight or gay.

SF Supervisors to Take Up Gay Bathhouse Policy Changes

By Matthew S. Bajko | Jul 9, 2020

San Francisco supervisors Thursday will take up proposed changes to how the city governs adult sex venues.

Sex In The Time Of COVID: Gay Men Begin To Embrace A 'New Normal'

By David Tuller | Jun 26, 2020

Will COVID-19 become the new STI? NYC health department guidelines suggest getting "creative with sexual positions and physical barriers," but will gay men listen?

NYC Members Only Sex Club NSFW Cautiously Reopens

Jun 24, 2020

New York is reopening with the second phase of guidelines to limit exposure to COVID-19. But what about a sex club? A members only club called in Soho New Society For Wellness (NSFW) plans on reopening with guidelines even stricter than those by the city.

Negotiating Risk: Sex in the Time of Pandemics

By Race Bannon | Jun 17, 2020

How does one have sex without having been sheltered in place exclusively with someone? How does one have sex when the virus is potentially passed by the most casual of unmasked contacts?

Vibrators Had a Long History of Medical Quackery Before Feminists Rebranded Them as Sex Toys

Jun 10, 2020

A researcher discovers in the medical history of electricity that vibrators appear alongside galvanic battery belts and quack electrotherapies as one of many quirky "home cures" of the early 20th century.

Cannabis May Be a Safer Alternative for People Who Use Drugs During Sex

Jun 9, 2020

Researchers have found that evidence that cannabis may have a role to play in addressing harms caused by chemsex.

Adult Performer Billy Santoro's Racist Comments Lead to Sites Dumping Him and Apparent Suicide Attempt

Jun 4, 2020

An adult performer apparently attempted suicide after his racist comments led to content-sharing sites cancelling his account and a social media backlash.

Coronavirus Found in Patients' Semen in Small Chinese Study

By Lindsey Tanner | May 7, 2020

The virus that causes COVID-19 can be found in semen, Chinese researchers report in a small study that doesn't address whether sexual transmission is possible.

Reclaiming Your Erection: Get Giddy

Apr 10, 2020

For most men, erectile dysfunction isn't a matter of "if" but "when." Fortunately, men's sexual health and wellness brand Giddy has created a product line that rises to the occasion.

Amping Up Your Sexual Health at Men's Performance Clinic

Apr 2, 2020

With more time at home (whether alone or with a partner), many men are facing the reality that their sexual health needs a boost. Men's Performance Clinic offers a holistic approach that goes far beyond a quick fix.

'Deliciously Disabled' Queer Bear Andrew Gurza Wants More Sex

'Deliciously Disabled' Queer Bear Andrew Gurza Wants More Sex

Mar 18, 2020

Disability Awareness Consultant Andrew Gurza discusses his ambitions as well as his desire for (a lot) more sex.

Sex Workers Face Ruin Amid Virus Fears, Brothel Closures

By Frank Jordans | Mar 17, 2020

Sex for sale has long been a staple part of the German capital's freewheeling nightlife. But amid concerns over the new coronavirus, even the world's supposedly oldest profession is suffering a sudden slump.

Chinese Researchers: Coronavirus Can be Transmitted Through Rimming

Mar 16, 2020

Researchers in China have turned their attention - and their microscopes - to the possibility that coronavirus can be transmitted through "fecal-oral transmission" - in short, rimming.

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