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Happy 100th, Bloody Mary: Paris Mark's Cocktail's Birthday

FOOD/DRINK | Dec 15, 2021

Harry's Bar in Paris is celebrating the 100th birthday of the Bloody Mary, the vodka-tomato juice cocktail believed to have been invented in the iconic watering hole in 1921.

Texas's Other Deep Freeze: The Frozen Margarita

TRAVEL | Feb 22, 2021

Fifty years ago, in 1971, Dallas restaurateur Mariano Martinez invented the frozen margarita machine, forever freezing in time the city's claim to America's favorite cocktail.

Mixologist Fanny Chu on the Future of Queer Cocktail Culture

Mixologist Fanny Chu on the Future of Queer Cocktail Culture

FOOD/DRINK | By Kelsy Chauvin | Feb 7, 2021

Award-winning and out mixologist Fanny Chu shares her thoughts on the future of queer spaces for craft cocktails, along with tips to elevate your home bar.

5 Easy-to-Make Summer Cocktails

5 Easy-to-Make Summer Cocktails

FOOD/DRINK | Jul 2, 2020

Mixologist Anders Erickson offers five easy-to-make summer cocktails that only require three ingredients each.

A Rainbow of Cocktails to Celebrate Pride

FOOD/DRINK | Jun 23, 2020

Crystal Head Vodka has released a limited-edition Pride bottle to celebrate all things LGBTQ.

5 Easy-to-Make Rum Cocktails at Home

5 Easy-to-Make Rum Cocktails at Home

FOOD/DRINK | May 22, 2020

Is your home bar stocked with rum? Here are easy recipes for a Daiquiri, Rum Old Fashioned, Cuba Libre, Mojito and an original Cold Brew & Cream from Cocktail Chemistry.

5 Easy-to-Make Gin Cocktails

5 Easy-to-Make Gin Cocktails

FOOD/DRINK | Apr 24, 2020

Cocktail Chemistry offers five easy ways to create gin-based cocktails with pantry items.

How to Drink Like You're in New Orleans at Home

NATIONAL | By Kelsy Chauvin | Apr 20, 2020

EDGE turned to the city where cocktails were born to collect five top bartenders' beloved drink recipes. Here's what you need to know to summon a taste of New Orleans at home.

Shake it Up: The Canadian Gimlet

FOOD/DRINK | Apr 15, 2020

A cocktail invented by sailors to prevent scurvy, which seems fitting both for Eastern Canada and staying healthy during these times.

4 Cointreau Cocktails to Shake Up Your Weekend

FOOD/DRINK | Apr 3, 2020

You've got it stocked in your home bar, but what exactly is Cointreau? The orange-flavored liqueur dates back to 1885, but most of us aren't sure what to do with it besides using it as a component in a margarita. Until now.

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